HVAC Scenting

HVAC Scenting Systems

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard about or seen the HVAC scenting systems that are trending.  HVAC scenting is the process of using your existing air duct system to evenly distribute a scent throughout your entire home or business.

How Does it Work?

HVAC Scenting uses cold air diffusion technology to diffuse pure essential oils. The oils are broken down into micro-particles that are transported by filtered air moving through your building’s duct system.  As the air is distributed evenly, creating a pleasant aroma throughout your entire space.

Does HVAC Scenting Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Not technically.  There’s a lot of things that HVAC Scenting will improve, your space will smell amazing, it will be more inviting to your guests and it may even help to mask unpleasant odors.   However, it will not solve underlying air quality problems that may be causing odors and it will not improve the overall health of your indoor air.